Our Story


Why Yuugen?

When you find out you’re having a baby, everyone tells you to prepare for the sleepless nights, endless nappies and, of course, the baby snuggles. What they don’t prepare you for, however, is how hard it is to find stylish kids clothes that aren’t bland, or sparkly, or covered in tractors or slogans.

As a mum to a boy, I quickly discovered that I couldn’t find clothes for Hugo that were practical and high quality, but that were also stylish and on trend. This is how Yuugen Kidswear was born.

I want to make stylish, fashionable, high quality clothing available to mums and dads for their sons and daughters that are unisex in nature and don’t restrict based on colour or print design.

As a working mum who teaches Japanese in high school in Queensland, Australia, it was only natural for me to take that affinity and passion for Japan, the culture and the language, and use it as the foundation for my brand inspiration and fashion ideas.

Working along side my partner Dan (also a Japanese teacher, though now turned Yuugen’s full-time-behind-the-scenes-jack-of-all-trades) we hope to deliver a fun, funky, modern yet sophisticated clothing label inspired by one of our favourite places on Earth… Japan 🗾😍

We want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Yuugen on this journey, and saving our kids from wearing another beige jumper.



What is Yuugen?

The name ‘Yuugen’ comes from the Japanese phrase or idiom 有言実行 (yuugen jikkou), which can translate several ways. It can mean to follow through with one’s word, or to keep one’s promise; something we aim to achieve while setting up our label (as teachers, we are very good at making to-do lists, keeping organised and following a plan…)


Who is Yuugen?

Yuugen is a duo made up of Liz and Dan, with our son-turned-model, Hugo. We care about creating beautiful clothes in soft, breathable fabrics, many of which are organic; all whilst being kind to the planet. Our packaging is completely compostable, and every order is packed with care and love.


Dan creates all of our Japanese prints and designs digitally, and I design the style and range. Hugo is the sassy kid in front of the camera, and the reason behind the clothing label. Hugo tests all of our clothes and really puts them through their paces, from daycare to spills and paint (not even kidding)! We can’t wait to see photos of other littlies in our range, so feel free to tag us! 

Keep an eye on our socials as the Yuugen range is going to increase across all fronts in the coming year. Watch out for our ranges that will allow you to match your minis!