Our Packaging

We care about comfort for our kids. We also care about their planet.


All Yuugen products are shipped in 100% compostable, eco-friendly packaging. We have carefully selected our packaging from sustainable packaging suppliers throughout Australia to ensure we have minimised our impact on the planet.

All parts of our packaging are eco-friendly; the mailers, shipping labels, stickers, tissue paper and sticky tape used to seal the bags are all made from compostable materials. 

Placing the mailers into the compost is the quickest way of returning them back to the planet, a process that takes about 90-120 days. If you don’t compost at home, they can go directly into your household waste, although they do take longer to break down this way. 

Please remember that this type of packaging is not recyclable as they are made from natural compounds.

You can read more about some of our sustainable packaging here.

How to Dispose of our Mailers


Step 1: Snip

Simply cut your mailer up into strips. No need to remove anything!
You can throw in the tissue paper too!

Step 2: Compost

Throw everything into the compost and let it do its thing! Turn your compost as you normally would (we'll leave that up to you!)

Step 3: Save the Planet

After a few months, your mailer should have become a yummy treat for your worms! Time to put that compost to good use!